Rent the Camp

Campo Alegría is also available for rent on a short-term basis. If you are interested in renting Campo Alegría, please contact us. (Note that when you rent the facility in this manner, Campo Alegría does not provide any programming or activities.)


per Nicaraguans or those currently residing in Central America, per night without bed linens
[per person, per night with bed linens]

per foreigner, per night without bed linens
[per person, per night with bed linens]

There are three bunkhouses, which together accommodate a total of 75 people. The bunkhouses share a latrine, which has separate quarters for men and women. Sheets and pillows can be provided for an additional $1/per person, per night, but guests should always bring their own towels and toiletries. Toilet paper is included.

Dining Hall

Prices range from  to 6/per person (Capacity: 90)

Our cooks have been with us for over a decade, and are well versed in preparing both Nicaraguan- and American-style meals for large groups. Before you arrive, we will agree upon a menu that suits everyone’s tastes. Guests frequently rave about how delicious the food is :).

However, if you decide to bring your own food and your own cooks, you can rent the dining hall and kitchen for $50/day. Note that when you rent the kitchen, it is your responsibility to provide all consumables (trash bags, paper towels, napkins, etc.).

View sample meals for each price point.

The large dining hall also has a covered porch, making it perfect for group gatherings, games, and activities any time of the year. Two toilets and a hand-washing station are also available inside.

Want to rent the facilities just for the day? Many groups enjoy a day retreat at Campo Alegriá, where guests swim, share a meal, play, and relax. The day rental fee is  US for the dining hall (or a per person meal cost if you prefer to have us prepare the meal for you) plus 15 cordobas per person.


per Nicaraguan, per night without bed linens or towels (Capacity: 6)
[per person, per night with bed linens and towels]

New in 2013, our two-bedroom, two-bath apartment includes a kitchenette and a small dining area. This space is perfect for one or two small families, or your group’s adult staff. Each bedroom contains two sets of bunk beds, plus a full-size futon, a shelving unit and fans. The kitchenette includes plates, bowls, cups, and utensils for 8, as well as a compact stove, apartment-size fridge, microwave, and coffee maker. All consumables (with the exception of toilet paper) are the responsibility of the guest.


$15/per person, per night, plus electricity (Capacity: 14)

The property includes an American-style guesthouse, with four bedrooms and three baths. All linens are provided. The home includes a full kitchen, stocked with dishes and cookware, as well as a dining room and living room, with a TV and DVD. Air conditioners are available in each of the bedrooms. A stacking washer and dryer is also included. Beach chairs and toys make spending the day on the beach quite pleasurable.

The bedrooms — each named after islands in Lake Nicaragua — are outlined below:

  • Ometepe — king bed, pack-n-play, private bathroom, lake view
  • Zapatera — king bed, set of twin bunks, private bathroom
  • Mancarrón — full bed, set of twin bunks, shared bathroom, lake view
  • San Fernando — full bed, set of twin bunks, shared bathroom

Most guesthouse visitors choose to bring their own food and cook their own meals. However, a cook can be hired to prepare your meals for you for $6/per person, per meal. The cost includes the cook’s wages as well as purchasing the food.

The overnight cost includes cleaning the guesthouse before and after your stay, but does not include daily cleaning. That can be arranged for $10/per day of cleaning. Toilet paper is included (and can be flushed), but you should bring your own paper towels or napkins if you deem them necessary.

Due to the high cost of electricity in Nicaragua (about per kilowatt hour), and the fact that the guesthouse has such conveniences as air conditioning, laundry machines, and hot water, we must ask that you pay for any electricity used during your stay in the guesthouse. The cost for a typical 24-hour period, in which some of the air conditioners are used during sleeping hours only, runs between  and  per room. (The meter will be read at the end of your stay, with the total dollar amount added to your bill. Please ask to see the meter when you arrive to confirm the starting value.)

SPECIAL RATE: Missionary families can rent a single room in the guesthouse for $30 per night, plus the cost of electricity. Three of the four rooms sleep four, so this is half the normal rate.

Power Outages

The camp receives electricity from a local utility company. However, a normal part of living in Nicaragua is that sometimes the electrical connection is lost. Campo Alegría does have a full-size generator capable of powering the entire camp, but the cost of diesel fuel means it is expensive to run. When the facility is rented, and power is lost, we absorb the cost of running the generator for three (3) hours a day: one (1) hour during each meal time. If you’d like to have the generator run for more time, we can accommodate that request at a cost of  per hour of power.

Checkout Time

We are happy to have you use the property as long as you need to on your designated day of departure, as long as it is available. However, we do request you clear your belongings out of the bunkhouses by 10am, in order for our staff to clean them. If you need to use the bunkhouses beyond 10am on your departure day, we can certainly accommodate your request. The cost is $25 and allows us to pay the staff to return the next day to clean.

Additional Amenities

  • 50 acres of beachfront property on Lake Nicaragua
  • Glorious lake swimming
  • Breathtaking views of Ometepe
  • Hammocks for lounging
  • Half-court basketball
  • Playground
  • 3G internet reception from Claro and Movistar is fairly good throughout the camp (WIFI is available in the dining hall and guesthouse, when you pre-pay with our caretaker.)
  • Onsite (Spanish-speaking) caretaker 24/7
  • Contact us to ask questions or request a booking.