Host a Camp

We strongly believe in raising North American kids who are socially conscious, particularly in the midst of our increasingly self-centered culture. As Christians, we also believe in obeying Christ’s command to go out into the world and spread the Good News. And, we have a particular desire to support other families who also pursue similar goals.

Youth, Families, and Humanitarian Teams

We are now able to offer a few different types of trips, including Youth Group TripsFamily Mission Trips, and Vacations with a Purpose(While similar to our traditional Family Mission Trips, VWAP trips are designed for families who are seeking a more secular, humanitarian-focused trip, but have no conflict with Campo Alegría’s non-denominational, Christian mission.)

Each type of trip offer life-changing opportunities to strengthen and bond participating groups and families. Particularly in the case of family trips, parents and students are able to experience another culture as they work side-by-side to promote the well being of those less fortunate.

When you book a mission trip with Campo Alegría, we work with you to arrange a program that builds on the strengths of your team to best serve the campers. We also collaborate with full-time missionaries in Nicaragua, to ensure the children brought to Campo Alegría for camps will continue to be served within their local communities.


When a team travels to Nicaragua to run the camp, and hires Campo Alegría to help organize the trip, all camp costs are rolled into the overall cost of room and board for the North American team while in Nicaragua.

What’s included:

  • meals, activities, and accommodations for 30 campers for three days
  • meals and accommodations for the team during their stay
  • all in-country transportation, for the team and campers
  • one tourist day (options include zip-lining, shopping, beach day, and so on)
  • wages for cooks and maids
  • electricity usage
  • four translators for the three-day camp

What’s not included:

  • airfare
  • souvenirs
  • airport taxes
  • airport meals
  • arts and crafts supplies to be used during the trip (We recommend for this.)
  • any other donations you plan to make during your stay

Payment Schedule:

  • 10% deposit due: 150 days prior to arrival (This is non-refundable, so we suggest sending this payment when you book your flights. You can pay via check to)
  • 40% deposit due: 30 days prior to arrival – again, payable to Chop Point. (This is used to purchase food and supplies prior to your arrival.)
  • Remaining 50% due in cash upon arrival. The bills should be clean, unmarked USs. (Nicaraguan vendors will not accept bills with tears or marks of any kind.)

NOTE: The prices listed here include 5% discounts for paying with cash or check. We do accept Paypal deposits made to the following email account: , but we prefer those that are made via bank transfer or e-check. If you must pay by credit card, you can do so through PayPal, but we request you to add an additional 5% to your payment amount.

Additional Details:

To learn more about what it looks like to run a camp at Campo Alegría, download this Microsoft Word document. Then, contact us to ask questions, or request a booking.