Our Model

To quote Campo Alegría’s founder, “the language of children is fun.” To that end, Campo Alegría was created to allow children in the world’s poorest Spanish-speaking country the same “summer camp” experiences of kids in other North American nations.

The basic model involves running three-day overnight summer camps for Nicaraguan children.

Who pays for the camps?
It costs approximately to run a 3-day camp session for 40 campers. Since its inception, various North American organizations, individuals, and churches have funded the camps at Campo Alegría.

Who runs the program?
When possible, a team from the sponsoring organization or church travels to Nicaragua to run the camp. Alternatively, college-age Nicaraguan Christians are hired to run the camp, under the direction of Campo Alegría’s full time staff.

Who are the campers?
Missionaries in Nicaragua who already have relationships with groups of children are tapped to identify and send each session’s campers. Whenever possible, members of the sending organization participate in the camp with the kids. Working with full-time missionaries helps ensure the campers have continuity after the camp ends.

What else is Campo used for?
When not being used for these summer camps, Campo Alegría is available to be rented for retreats, team meetings, or other such gatherings.

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